Tuesday November 12, 2013

Kerry Carter
Kerry Carter


1.  There will NOT be a 6:45pm class on Friday night this week.  There also will be NO OPEN GYM on Saturday morning at 9:00am.  Coach Quinn will be running the 10:00am class, as we will be in Jacksonville for the Fall Free For All Competition.

2.  We are taking orders for CFHT hoodies.  The order form and design is on the office window.  We will be taking orders until next Monday, 11/18.  Cost is $35.  

3.  Next week, November 18 – November 23, is “BRING A FRIEND WEEK”!!!!  Find a friend, co-worker, family member, etc and join us for a fun week of workouts.  No experience is necessary!!!

Today is another Benchmark Day.  We will be doing the following HQ workout:



Double Unders (3x singles)

Sit Ups

How to Avoid Sit Up Induced Rug Burn

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