Monday March 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Melissa!!
Happy Birthday Melissa!!

A few reminders….

1.  Make sure your score for the Open has been entered on the website (

2.  We are getting new shirts and tanks!!!  Orders are due by COB on Friday, March 7.

3.  Starting today, there will no longer be a 6:30am class.

4. Don’t forget we have Yoga with Liz on Thursday at 6:00pm.


Deadlift  5 – 5 – 5  (progressive)


E.M.O.M. for 15 minutes:

Power/Squat Clean (155/105)

Front Squat (155/105)

Push Jerk (155/105)

Split Jerk (155/105)

**If the bar is dropped during the complex, there is a 3 burpee penalty.**

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