June Athlete of the Month: Melissa Burgess


1. Nickname:Missy

2. Occupation:Accounting

3. Hometown:Atlanta, GA

4. Which class do you usually attend? 5:30

5. How long have you been cross fitting? Damon and I started Crossfitting in our garage a little over a year ago. We have really been serious about it since CFHT opened in November.

6. What is your favorite and least favorite lifts? My least favorite is the Snatch. I am terrible at it! My favorite is the Back Squat. My legs have always been the strongest part of my body.

7. What is your athletic background? I have a VERY limited athletic background. I never played sports in school. I started running when I was 38 to get back into shape after gaining that mid-thirties weight. I fell in love with running and competing at that point.

8. How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness? I can honestly say, I have never been in better shape physically or mentally. Being strong physically has given me a confidence outside of the gym that I have never experienced before. It has also made me stonger mentally because I am doing things I never thought I could and pushing myself further than I ever thought I could go. My lifestyle has changed directly due to this confidence that I have gained. I don’t worry nearly as much about what other people may think about what is important to me.

9. What is your biggest accomplishment so far at CFHT? PULLUPS!! These have been a real challenge for me since starting Crossfit. I have not been more excited about accomplishing anything else in the gym as being able to do a simple strict or kipping pullup. Thanks for the challenge Matt and Julie!!

10. What are your goals for CrossFit? To keep going, improving and learning for as long as I am able.I want to be the old lady at the gym that is still going strong. LOL

11. What do you do in your free time? My favorite pastime in the summer is the beach. There is no other place that soothes me as much as sitting in the sand and listening to the ocean. In the fall and winter it’s all about football. GO DAWGS!

12. What is your favorite cheat food? I love a great cheese burger and a beer.

13. Tell us something most people wouldn’t know about you. I am a very shy and quiet person. Most people in the gym wouldn’t know that about me because it seems to disappear when I am in the Crossfit Community. It really brings out the best in me. But outside the gym, I really struggle to talk to and meet new people.

14. Any advice for new members? Keep going! There are going to be days and even weeks that are frustrating and you feel like you are not getting any better. Stick with it, because every time you walk into that gym, you are getting better and stronger. There is no better feeling than finally being able to accomplish something that you have been struggling with like a pullup or a lift or a double under. Keep trying, you will get it!

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