Monday August 25, 2014


Emily Neitenbach
Emily Neitenbach

A few announcements…

1.  There will not be any Yoga sessions until October.  Liz will be in the lovely state of Louisiana for training.  We will miss her!

2.  Since there won’t be any Yoga, we will have a 6:45 CF class on Thursday nights for the next 6 weeks.

3.  The gym will be CLOSED on Labor Day.  Enjoy your rest day!


EMOM, 24 Minutes:

Minute 1:  10 Hand Release Push Ups

Minute 2:  10 Deadlifts (185/135)

Minute 3:  10 American KBS (55/35)

Minute 4:  ME Double Unders

Repeat for 6 Rounds.

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