Thursday September 11, 2014


Today marks the 13th anniversary of 9/11.  We created a special workout to honor the fallen in NYC, D.C., and Pennsylvania that day.  The number of reps for this workout may seem random, but sure enough, they do have significance….

9/11 – The day of the attacks

8:46 – The first plane hits the World Trade Center in NYC

9:03 – The second plane collides with the World Trade Center

9:37 – A third plane crashes into the Pentagon in D.C.

10:07 – Flight 93 went down in Pennsylvania

The 9/11 Workout

2 Rounds:

9 Power Cleans

11 Deadlifts

8 Thrusters

46 Lateral Barbell Jumps

9 Shoulder-to-Overhead

3 Overhead Squats

9 Front Squats

37 Lateral Barbell Jumps

10 Back Squats

7 Shoulder-to-Overhead

RX:  135/95

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