Hey CFHT Community!  Here are a few announcements so everyone is on the same page….

1.  Beginning October 1, the 9:45am and 6:45pm classes will become BEGINNER AND INTERMEDIATE classes.  We will have 2 coaches at these classes so we can accommodate all levels of athletes.  If you have a friend that would like to try CFHT, they MUST come to one of these 2 classes.  The 8:30am, 4:30pm, and 5:30pm classes will be for INTERMEDIATE ATHLETES ONLY!!!  The 10:00am class on Saturday will also be beginner friendly.

2.  If you plan to cancel your membership, we need at least 7 days notice prior to your next billing cycle.  If this notice is not received, then you will be billed for another month.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

3.  There will be a “Marathon” Challenge for the month of October.  Details will be posted later this week.

4.  If you would like to order one of the new CFHT shirts, the order form is in the kitchen.  All orders are due by October 1.

5.  The gym will be CLOSED on Saturday, October 18.  Everyone is encouraged to attend the “Barbells for Boobs” Fundraiser at CrossFit GroundSpeed in Rincon.  Festivities start at 10:00.  This is not a competition!!!

6.  Everyone should consider doing the “Warrior Challenge” at Ft. Stewart on Saturday, October 25.  It will be a fun competition, and great experience for those of you who would like to start competing.  Check out the flyers in the gym for more info and how to register.

7.  The CFHT Softball Team kicks of their season tonight at 8:00.  They will play every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of October.  Come on out to Henderson Field and support the team!  A schedule will be posted in the kitchen.

8.  As always, please remember to clean up after yourself and your kids.  Make sure all equipment is away, and water bottles, paper towels, tape, band aids, etc is in the trash before you leave.  If you bring your kids, make sure all food, drink, and toys are picked up in the kid’s room.

9.  We are approaching cold and flu season.  If you are sick, please stay home!  If your kids are sick, please don’t bring them to the gym.  Let’s keep the germs contained somewhere other than CFHT!

We want to make CFHT the best CrossFit gym it can possibly be.  If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions please don’t hesitate to ask or tell us about it.  Without y’all, CFHT wouldn’t be the place it is today – THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!  

Embrace the suck,

Matt and Julie

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