CFHT October “Marathon” Challenge



Ok, so the moment y’all have been waiting for……..


1.  The goal is to accumulate 26.2 miles of running from October 1 – October 31.

2.  The runs can take place away from the gym if you would like.

3.  You cannot run more than 2 consecutive days.

4.  The maximum number of miles per day is 4.

5.  The maximum number of miles per week is 7.

6.  Mileage logs will be available at the gym.  However, this challenge is completely on the HONOR SYSTEM.  A coach does not have to sign off on your runs.

7.  Annnndddd, the moment y’all have been waiting for……..RUNNING IN A WORKOUT COUNTS TOWARDS YOU MONTHLY MILEAGE!!!!

8.  If you are injured and would still like to participate in the challenge, please talk to Matt or Julie to discuss options for rowing.

Let’s have fun with this!  Let’s build an even better CFHT community by running with someone before or after class!  Let’s get out of our comfort zone and do something that 80% of us hate!  Remember, this isn’t for time…this is for fun!!!


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