April Push Up Challenge

push ups

Many people have recently asked how they can get better/more efficient at their push ups.  The most common response we have to this question is “practice”.  Soooo…..after much thought, we are bringing you the CFHT April Push Up Challenge!  Here’s how it is going to work…

Week 1:  April 1 – April 4

Accumulate 200 Push Ups

Week 2:  April 6 – April 11

Accumulate 300 Push Ups

Week 3:  April 13 – April 18

Accumulate 300 Push Ups

Week 4:  April 20 – April 25

Accumulate 300 Push Ups

Week 5:  April 27 – April 30

Accumulate 200 Push Ups

There will be 3 different levels of push ups to choose from:

Level 1:  Box Push Ups

Level 2:  Ground Push Ups

Level 3:  Ring Push Ups


1.  Athlete may not do more than 100 per day.  Also, you cannot carry reps over to the next week.

2.  Once you choose a level, you may stay at that level or go to the next level.  Once you make your move to the next level, you may not opt to go back down a level.  EX:  If you choose ring push ups and realize those are too hard after 2 weeks, tough luck!  You will have to remain at that level the rest of the time.  Be sure to know your ability!

3.  Proper form MUST be used!  Chest must touch the box or floor or shoulder must touch the rings.  If you want to improve, do them the right way!  Otherwise, you will be building muscle memory for bad habits.

4.  Push Ups must be logged on a sheet at the gym and signed off by a coach.

5.  ALL push ups must be done at the gym.  You cannot do them at home and then come and log them on your sheet.

6.  Push ups in a workout do not count towards your weekly count – SORRY!

7.  The class in session will have priority over any equipment and space, so be sure to plan accordingly.

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