April Athlete of the Month – Steven Smith


1. Nickname: N/A
2. Occupation: Homebuilder
3. Hometown: Reidsville, GA
4. Which class do you usually attend? Normally the 6:45
5. How long have you been crossfitting? Consistently since January.
6. What is your favorite and least favorite lift? Favorite: Anything body weight; Least Favorite: AKBS
7. What is your athletic background? I played sports in high school. I play pick-up games of anything whenever I can.
8. How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness? CrossFit has made all the difference for my health and wellness. The atmosphere of the gym encourages me to push myself beyond a level I would be able to achieve on my own. Giving it my all in the gym helps me re-set mentally and helps me push harder in other aspects of life as well.
9. What is your biggest accomplishment so far at CFHT? I can string together double unders even while fatigued. I couldn’t come close to that in the beginning.
10. What are your goals for CF? I am really interested to see the progress I will make from one full year of dedication to CrossFit. I look forward to next year’s open as a way to measure my progress.
11. What do you do in your free time? I like anything outdoors or active. Being on the coast, I enjoy anything on or near the water.
12. What is your favorite cheat food? Fried shrimp.
13. Any advice for new members? Don’t be afraid to scale where you need to. Find a couple of athletes just ahead of your comfort level and use them to set achievable goals for where you want to be.

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