Wednesday December 21, 2016


TODAY is the big day – the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS WOD!!!  You will have to come to the gym to see just exactly what you are doing!

A few things to remember:

  1.  Warm up will be on your own today!  The gym will be open at 815am for the morning classes and 330pm for the afternoon classes.
  2. Be ready for workout instructions at 5 minutes after the class start time.
  3. There will be 2 workout options – a barbell option and a body weight option.  If you have never worked out at CFHT, we will ask that you participate in the body weight option.
  4. Classes will have a hard cap of 16 athletes – NO EXCEPTIONS!!!  This is for the safety of the athletes and for equipment purposes.
  5. If you signed up for a class and arrive late, your spot will be given away if there is someone already at the gym waiting.  No 10 minute grace period tomorrow!
  6. Wear your RED and GREEN!!!
  7. There will be a camera or 2 floating around the gym, so be sure to SMILE and HAVE FUN!!!!

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