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**Newcomers and beginners are encouraged to attend the 6:30am, 9:00am, 6:15pm, and 9:00am Saturday classes**


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  1. I was told to sign up for a punch card online. I do not see a place to do that. Can you please advise how to do this

    1. Kelly, if you go to the right side of our website you will see a link for Mind Body. Click there and that will take you to where you can purchase the punch card. If this doesn’t help, please call me or Julie and we’ll take care of it.

  2. I would definitely consider if a 6am class was available. Times available are difficult for those who work. :/

    1. Amanda, we ran a pilot 6am class, but we didn’t have much success with it. We do see a lot of people at the 6:45pm class right from work.

  3. Hi my is Shea. I would definitely be interested in CrossFit, first timer and go in and out of working out. I need something or someone that will push me and this seems to fit. I would probably be dead after 10 minutes but I love the challenge. I know everyone has to start from somewhere..

    1. Hey Shea! We would love for you to come and try us out and see if it is something you would be interested in. Our beginner/new member classes are M-F at 9:45am, M-W at 6:45pm, or Saturday at 10am. Do any of those work for you? Please let us know when you would like to come – the first workout is on us!


  4. Hi – I am old, like really old, overweight and sometimes grumpy. Is CrossFit a good fit for me? If so, how many times does one Crossfit per week? What would an out of shape CrossFit beginners schedule look like?

  5. Hey guys! My husband just received orders to Fort Stewart, so we will be moving towards the end of may to the Richmond Hill area. I was wondering if your box offers childcare during any of the WODs?

    1. Hey Molly,

      No we do not have a childcare service, but we do have a Kid’s Room where the kids stay and play while their parents workout. Hopefully that will work! Safe travels!

    1. First time is free and you can drop in on any class if you have experience. If you don’t have CF experience, we ask that you come to the 0945 or 645 class. Thanks!

  6. I am moving to Richmondhill from texas this month. I have my level 1, I would love to help out if y’all need it! I want to become a member here I’m loving the programming! Can’t wait to meet everyone!

    1. Hey Rebecca! Welcome! We would love to have you! As of now we don’t need any coaches, but one of our coaches will be deploying in February and another one going out on maternity leave around that same time, so we will have some openings coming up! Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  7. Howdy, new to the area never done CrossFit, was just wondering how long the 5:30am class runs?

  8. 16 yr old son plays football at RHHS. Would like to get him into x Fit during offseason innprep for up biking season. He drives but does he need to be accompanied by an adult during the sessions? Thanks. JT

    1. Hi JT,
      No he can come alone. We have a couple other RHHS FB players that attend classes as well. He will just need a parent to sign his waiver since he is a minor, so someone will need to come with him on his first day but they don’t need to stay.

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