Brandon Vonglis

Brandon Vonglis


  • CFL1
  • CPR/AED certified


  • School of Hard Knocks i.e. 22 years of AD service in the U.S. Army


Picture this, 2004, my PL at the time, Adam Snyder, asked all his NCOs if he could lead PT just once and we obliged. He walks out with a binder filled with the “Girl WODs” and landed on “Cindy”.  I was completely humbled by the workout and hooked. After numerous deployments that allowed more CrossFit-esque workouts and then the opportunity to receive my CFL1 from the Army, coaching became a great segue or skill transfer to those like-minded individuals who wanted to do more, be better and continuously work hard for a greater purpose. My wife and I bonded over CF, to her it was because I was trying to beat her, to me, it was a partnership that showcased our teamwork and drive to push one another. I am constantly finding ways to better my coaching and communication style to allow all athletes to see and believe in their progress, that is probably the most enjoyable part of coaching CrossFit. 

Favorite CrossFit Workout: Holleyman


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