Christy Gilbert

Christy Gilbert


  • CF Level 1


  • BA Psychology, MAT Special Education
  • Favorite CrossFit Workout : MURPH


 I grew up and attended college in Savannah. I have three kids: 20,18, and 15. After a friend begged me to go with her for two years, I finally started CrossFit in Kingsland, GA, and I became hooked immediately. The gym was old school and I enjoyed seeing myself change.  I started to gain confidence, and I was amazed by what I was accomplishing in the gym. I became more confident in myself and around others. I moved to Richmond Hill in August 2018 to be closer to family, and I joined CFHT. Since becoming a coach, I have a strong desire to help and encourage other women to become strong, be competitive, and have fun. 

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