Why is CrossFit different?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning system that combines elements from weightlifting, gymnastics and endurance sport. We aim to build complete fitness that enables athletes to become stronger, faster, and increase stamina. Our philosophy encourages the development of general physical skills that improve your life.

Do you have any more info about CrossFit?

Sure! If you didn’t find what you needed in the “What is CrossFit” tab or the video, then click the promo video  to see some CrossFitters doing their thing.  Give us a call.  Drop in.  We would love to answer any question you may have about CrossFit.

Is this for me? It seems kind of ‘intense’….

CrossFit is a scalable program. Every movement can be scaled by lowering time or reps or decreasing the weight. If you watched the video in the previous question, see those people for what they are – advanced CrossFitters doing really incredible things. If you start with us, you’re going to learn the form first and you’ll spend a lot of time with a PVC pipe or an empty barbell. Mechanics, then consistency, THEN intensity – that’s the CrossFit way.

What type of results should I expect?

You should expect to gain capacity in all of the 10 General Physical Skills. Those are: Strength, Cardio/Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Accuracy, Agility and Balance. Depending on how you eat, you might also see some body composition changes (losing weight or gaining muscle).

I play a sport. Can I do CrossFit?

Sure. You should view CrossFit as your General Physical Preparedness (GPP) program. When you’re off season, you’ll do more GPP and less Sport Specific Conditioning (SSC). CrossFit has plenty of former and current athletes amongst our ranks and CrossFit seems to fit really well in this framework.


What does a typical class look like?

We begin with a warmup and go through a series of bodyweight exercises to get your body ready. Depending on the workout, we may do a skill session to practice the moves being used. Then it’s on to the workout.. Often, we separate the workout into strength and conditioning components. We end the class with a cool down and stretch. Classes last one hour.

Do you mix experience levels amongst your classes?

Yes. We feel that it’s best to integrate new members right into the classes, so that they can learn from the experienced members. That said, we do scale workouts during each and every class, depending upon fitness level, experience level or for injuries.

Do you provide any guidance on scaling or are the athletes ‘on their own’?

Yes. We deliberately keep our class sizes relatively small so that our coaches can effectively scale the daily workout for all athletes.

How many athletes do you have in each class?

We cap of our classes to 16 per instructor. In order to give a good class experience, we need to have the right trainer-to-athlete ratio. Plus, the instructors need to be able to scale workouts effectively, and we can’t do that if 30 people show up at once.

I have an injury. Can I still participate?

Again, we scale workouts in every class. So, if you have an injury, just tell the coach. We can lower the weight, lower the reps or suggest a completely different exercise so that you can still participate. We do this in EVERY CLASS.

I need a little extra help with XYZ. What can you do for me?

We provide coaching in all of our classes. If the class instruction and demonstration isn’t working for you, ask the instructor for help. If he/she can’t resolve it during class, then you might need to stay after for a fix. If it’s something that requires a lot of work, we may suggest a session during open gym hours to really drill the weakness and get it solved for good.

I’m really out of shape. There’s no way I’ll survive in group class.

If you’re reading this, then you have already made a significant step toward increasing your personal fitness levels.  Time, weight, movements, etc, can and will be scaled to the individual level to ensure all members are training at similar intensity levels.  Don’t forget that we’re still going to have an eye on you and scale your workouts. For many of our members, this process of ‘going RX’d’ can take months if not years (these workouts are TOUGH). Advice: Don’t be in a rush to do it all. Think of your fitness as a long climb to a distant horizon. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Whoa! CrossFit is expensive..

We have no interest in competing with 24 Hour Fitness or other ‘globo gyms’. Those gyms are fine if you a) don’t want any coaching, b) don’t need any specialized equipment and c) don’t care about a fun, supportive and gently competitive environment. That’s what we offer. This is our life. We get results with our clients and we’re serious about it.

Is it ok if I bring my child into the gym while I’m working out?

Yes! You can bring your kid(s) with you to the gym, but they must stay in the kid’s area.  Kids are not allowed in the training space or on any equipment.  We want this to be a family-friendly environment, but we also have to do what is safe for our athletes and the children.

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