Coach Matt Pryor

Coach Matt Pryor

CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Gymnastics

Matt is a native of Tennessee but has zig-zagged all over the map with the military.  He was a NCAA D-1 baseball player, and has several years of experience training functional fitness through the military.

“I was first introduced to CrossFit in 2009 by other former college athletes looking to maintain a high-level of fitness and train in a competitive environment.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to train any other way after I found CrossFit.  The physical and mental strength gained through CrossFit have made a permanent impact on my life”

What you’ll likely here Matt yelling: “Be tired later, not right now. PICK IT UP”


CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Powerlifting, CPR/AED Certified


Julie was born outside of Pittsburgh in Washington, PA.  She graduated from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, where she called home for the last 10 years before moving to Richmond Hill, GA.  With her athletic background in softball and basketball, Julie guarantees to bring her dedication, intensity, and competitive spirit to the gym each day.

“I got my start with CrossFit in 2011 after finally succumbing to the peer pressure from my brother.  I walked into CrossFit Delaware Valley, did my first WOD, finished last, and then emailed the coach the next day saying, ‘I’m in!’ I haven’t looked back since.”

Nat Campbell


Coach Nat

CrossFit Level 1 Coach, C.A. Level 1 Olympic Lifting Coach, CPR/AED Certified

I’m excited to be a part of the High Tide Family. Growing up in a very athletic and competitive family I have always been active with fitness. From youth leagues to adulthood I have always played sports, including lacrosse on a NCAA Division II national championship team in college. I was introduced to CrossFit by my wife, Jennifer, got hooked at 3…2…1… and instantly knew I wanted to be a part of it.

I have always enjoyed helping people and by becoming a CrossFit level 1 Certified Coach, I am able to show my passion for CrossFit by assisting others in reaching their own personal fitness goals. My love for CrossFit means more to me than the physical attributes it has afforded me. CrossFit is about community, family and friends. I have formed some of the most important friendships and relationships of my life as a result of people I have met since starting CrossFit. I look forward to helping grow this wonderful sport as well as helping the community here at CrossFit High Tide.


CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Rowing, CPR/AED Certified

Coach Ted

Coach Ted

Ted hails from outside Pensacola, Florida where he graduated from Pace High School.  He served proudly in the US Navy for 9 years. Since leaving the Navy, Ted moved up and down the east coast as an engineer before finally landing in Savannah.  His athletic background began in high school with track, cross-country, and football.  Stricken by his father’s early passing, Ted began a fitness resolution in 2000.  He prioritized fitness and began a running hobby that would take him from distances as short as 1 mile to multiple ultra marathons.  The grueling pace and distances took their toll, and Ted needed a change.  Enter CrossFit High Tide.  He transformed from a stiff, creaky runner to a well-oiled, long-bearded, fire breather.

“I have always enjoyed cheering people on and helping push others through mental and physical barriers, but personally experience this ride over the past 1.5 years drove me to acquire my CrossFit Level 1 certificate and begin helping others along their fitness journey as part of the High Tide Family.”


Crossfit Level 1, CPR/AED Certified 


Coach Chris and a cat

Chris, a native Kansan and cat enthusiast, found his way to CrossFit High Tide through the Army and Georgia Southern University where he is currently pursuing a Masters in History. In high school, Chris was an avid soccer player but, in college at Kansas State University, he applied that passion to weight training and powerlifting. After years of moving heavy things, Chris was strong but one dimensional.

“In 2013 I realized that I needed to make a change. I could lift a lot of weight but I was terribly out of shape and my health was suffering for it. A friend talked me into trying CrossFit and the rest is history; I was hooked. Since then, my health and fitness have improved dramatically and I’ve made countless new friends throughout our great community. The best part of this experience is sharing what I’ve learned with others and watching them grow in this sport.”


CrossFit Level 1, CPR/AED Certified 


Coach Emily


Emily is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma and grew up playing a wide variety of rec sports from softball to basketball, and competing in competitive cheerleading. She is a fifth-grade teacher by day, and uses that same passion of teaching to coach Crossfit in the evenings and summers.

“In college, I was a treadmill and elliptical girl, but after graduating and gaining the freshman-fifteen, I knew it was time to do something different. I tried Crossfit one hot Saturday morning in June 2012 and threw up after the WOD. I knew I was incredibly out of shape and needed this intensity in my life. This is the only exercise program I have ever been able to stick to consistently, and I can truly say coming to the gym is the best part of my day every day.”


CrossFit Level 1, CPR/AED Certified



Coach Meredith

Meredith started Crossfit in 2012 in New Jersey. With a background in swimming and yoga, there was no surprise that she quickly found a love for the variety and challenges of Crossfit.

The real surprise to her was the community of encouragement and friendship that came along with it. By acquiring her Level 1 certificate, she knew should be would able to better contribute to that community.

After moving to the Savannah area, she found that her new home at Crossfit High Tide was a perfect fit. High Tide’s welcoming and supportive community, as well as ‘back-to-basics’ approach to building muscle and confidence is the reason that she loves to coach.

“The answer is always squats.”

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  1. Whitney

    It was great talking with you today Matt and I look forward to the classes with Juli and yourself. You were very informative. And, I think it is wonderful that you can modify CrossFit for disabled vets! See you CFHT on opening day.


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